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Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

"... MY grace is sufficient for you, for MY POWER is made perfect in weakness."

(2 Corinthians 12:9)

...for it God Who works in you to will and act according to His good purpose..
(Philippians . 2:13)

One of the biggest struggles with an addiction is the tendency to "fall back" into drinking or drug use after a period of being clean. What the founders of AA discovered was that willpower was not enough to keep a true alcoholic from drinking. As is so with a person addicted to drugs, Eventually something would happen that would trigger another binge, often an even worse one that ever before.

Hence, the second step. This is the foundation of 12 step recovery. It is the basis for resolving the problem. It is not that these 12 steps programs have spiritual elements. The very foundation of the steps to recovery is spiritual in nature. This does not mean you have to be a particular religion. This is a Faith based program, although I consult with many people if you are looking for a group that is not faith based there are real great suggested sites we can lead you to that has great success in their programs.

I see the big picture: The way to stop relapsing into self-destructive behaviors is to build a healthier sense of self.

Original wording (AA):

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

The original wording of Step Two is about believing in a power greater than ourselves (that) could restore us to sanity. A key insight of the Twelve Steps process is that making a major change in your life is not just a matter of saying no to bad habits. There's a proactive logic to this: The best way to lastingly break destructive habits is to have something better to look forward to.

The purpose of the Steps is to outline the process of changing your life as a whole, to help you develop a self worth, in the hope that, in the long run, this will help you stay on the right track. A key part of this process is keeping your eye on the big picture, as opposed to obsessing about the specific habits you want to change.

As you allow yourself to look at the big picture, you start to feel the pull of moving forward toward real, meaningful change. So, this power greater than ourselves is the power of motivation that comes from looking forward toward yet taking this a day at a time, trying to make plans that out cast a huge future, at the time, can become overwhelming.

Step Two is about letting go of useless “solutions” that seem like they should work, despite the fact that they haven’t worked for you. This doesn’t mean that you are passive, far from that. You are focusing on what you can control. You are taking active steps to change your life. You make room to try new solutions that are going to work by letting go and letting God.

Remember we are always here you can call upon us any time....

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Serenity Prayer:
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Serenity Prayer  /\
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St. Francis Prayer:
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St. Francis Prayer /\
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Hope you like these common "Prayers," I know they have made huge changes in my life as helped me to keep God focused. This site, These are just sections from papers over the years, I have been doing this since 1985 when I was the Spiritual Advisor for a center and the development director for another over the years. I learned that recovery can take on a great number of faces for different people. Although, one thing I have always believed is Faith Based Recovery has an indwelling success rate unlike any other form. However, I talk to people all over the world and meet people who's belief system in not as mine, we do not judge people, we do not categorize people in little groups, what is important is your recovery regardless of your sex, religion, or national origin. Sure it would be nice to know that everyone was in a personal relationship with The God our Savior Creator and Salvation, this site is meant to help you establish, (If you have not done so already), and or keep a strong recovery life daily. A tool. I have been greatly blessed, in that, God has opened doors in other countries around the world for us. Many of you know already, for those that do not, I have a disc & Nerve disease, it is real hard for me just to be able to do what normal people do everyday, I say this to say that, it may take me some time but I usually get around to getting things done. I do write for more than one on-line site, if you don't see activity here does not mean that I will not get around to posting papers, there are time when I get stuck in bed for periods.
This site is meant for you... You matter, don't let anyone ever lead you to believe differently. God made you unlike anyone else, even though we kind-of look similar to others, there are very many great things about us God made just for us / in us.. Remember that! And Live accordingly. :) :)