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Serenity Unveiled

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Admitted to GOD, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed." (James 5:16)  

The fifth step requires a measure of humility, something many active alcoholics and drug users have not practiced in a long time. To defend our addiction, we often resorted to arrogance, pride and to cover up our mistakes and shameful behavior. True humility, which requires putting aside the ego and dealing honestly our behavior, allows us to really see our addiction and how it hurt our loved ones and ourselves. By admitting to another human being the often very embarrassing things we did as active addicts, we experience a unique freedom from the guilt.

Many people will pick another person in recovery to tell these wrongs to. Rarely will you meet another person in recovery who can't relate to your behavior while drinking and drugging. You may find yourself surprised by how you both can understand one an-others behavior of the past.

After writing down our personal moral inventory in Step 4, we are now ready to mend our past wounds through confession and humility. This confession process is truly life giving. Once this act has been accomplished, a new source of guidance and protection will thrive in our journey. All obstructions are set aside from our path, and we begin to obtain complete insight, understanding, and direction from our Higher Power. We will get more in touch with our spirituality and sense of purpose that will provide us with the additional drive that we need to excel. I cannot stress enough the importance of carrying out Step 5 in our recovery.

I was very nervous after I had written my resentments, guilt’s, fears and sexual conduct. I arranged a time with my sponsors and shared with him over a few sessions, my moral inventory, not so much a life story but a moral inventory. In doing so I listed all the stuff that made me feel dis-eased! It was painful, at times I felt I was going to bust out crying and running away.

But my courage held me together. Courage as a soldier.

I saw bravery in both of us. Courage is going into a situation with the heart being honest, so I can move foreword. I was panic-ed but still did it. and today I am glad, it was like getting rid of a Cancer a destructive cancer eating away at me. The emotions, caused by resentment, guilt and fear opened my eyes.

My sponsor gave me a lot of feedback and never once criticized. When I finished he said to me, “Well, everything you shared I have heard before, you shared nothing I have not heard before from my other sponsees” even though it was my own stuff I was dealing with it made me feel better I was not the only one hurting.

It was a burden carrying all that around, What is important is not to see it as an act of confession but as a learning of your character

When I admitted to God, I admitted it to my creator, I prayed that what I had learnt may be of use to my fellow humans!

My creator wants me to be happy, joyous and free. If I am full of resentment, guilt and fear, then it speaks for itself. I could not be truly happy; maybe I was pretending to be happy in the past! Always behind that, the fear of impending doom existed Today I Feel Free. --Sam A. 

Remember we are always here you can call upon us any time....

323-907-8212 .(cell)


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Hope you like these common "Prayers," I know they have made huge changes in my life as helped me to keep God focused. This site, These are just sections from papers over the years, I have been doing this since 1985 when I was the Spiritual Advisor for a center and the development director for another over the years. I learned that recovery can take on a great number of faces for different people. Although, one thing I have always believed is Faith Based Recovery has an indwelling success rate unlike any other form. However, I talk to people all over the world and meet people who's belief system in not as mine, we do not judge people, we do not categorize people in little groups, what is important is your recovery regardless of your sex, religion, or national origin. Sure it would be nice to know that everyone was in a personal relationship with The God our Savior Creator and Salvation, this site is meant to help you establish, (If you have not done so already), and or keep a strong recovery life daily. A tool. I have been greatly blessed, in that, God has opened doors in other countries around the world for us. Many of you know already, for those that do not, I have a disc & Nerve disease, it is real hard for me just to be able to do what normal people do everyday, I say this to say that, it may take me some time but I usually get around to getting things done. I do write for more than one on-line site, if you don't see activity here does not mean that I will not get around to posting papers, there are time when I get stuck in bed for periods.
This site is meant for you... You matter, don't let anyone ever lead you to believe differently. God made you unlike anyone else, even though we kind-of look similar to others, there are very many great things about us God made just for us / in us.. Remember that! And Live accordingly. :) :)