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Serenity Unveiled
There is a Light that shines Bright!


I was thinking recovery today I wrote a devotion that will be listed here on this site. (The Lives We Lived) We become who we are based upon our experiences. We did a retreat with the foundation of the butterfly as the theme for our Spiritual presentation, because even though different people form in different ways we all take on transformations, even in our transformation from what we once were in Christ we put on a new self. A better person, a better attitude, we strive for Better Tomorrows, a more peaceful self, most of us desire to be better people. The value in the changing is self evident, the problems with “Staying stuck” is predictable. Just like the Butterfly, we, I think, take on a transformation in recovery, which is astronomical when you think about it, we become a new, when we give our lives over to The Lord God, tranformation. Our Lives become what is more astounding than we ever could have imagined. A walk with God can be the most enriching experience one has ever experienced. Our Experiences here on this journey = Mother earth = are all profitable only to our future. (what we store in heavenly places.), We have the power to use our lives in a whole different way than we ever did before, we can influence others, help them come to a place where they find peace. Maybe its just becoming a friend that grows together in Christ, what treasures to be gained. Remember the Lord God knows our hearts, share HIM with others.   

I know I deal with things here on a pretty serious format, every once in a while, I will break into a little hehe, but serious is some issues that we deal with everyday.

1.) I take every person's walk or / birth in Christ a very serious matter/ The No. One Priority........ Is This

2.) I do not or ever will believe for a nano-second any form of child abuse is a joking subject.

Hay you missed one “Nano-Second” hehehe LOL...

Many people have asked how we do what we do?

The whole Crimes Against Children has been a very long hard process and yes it is discouraging when a child is lost. This is the reason We have encourage people to make a stand concerning people that hurt children. This is a you man that saves hie sister right before she had been abducted (This story just happen here)  click the picture.


Here is a link to the paper site 


Our Mission:Our main Purposes

To offer guidance in Spirituality.
To help people discern reality from illusion.
To bring Spiritual matters to light.
To Expose faults teaching that will affect one's death.
To simplify the facts, the Truth of our the Lord God.
To celebrate in the Lord God works in all our lives.
To expose the external and temporary deception of the
enemy both in our lives and in our families.
To be in the Great Commission of Christ.
To assist those still struggling find a way.
To Share the Love of Christ to every one we meet.

Here is the paper link or copy and past it in your browser window

You will want to ketch this story I will keep checking as long as they keep the feeds open (check This Out.) click the picture


Hyde Park, Vt., is a special place. It has beautiful scenery and
a tight community of residents. And for one hometown hero,
they are the people who helped make his life easier when it had
become impossibly hard.

Andrew Parker's former kindergarten teacher gives him an incredible homecoming.

Andrew Parker went to his old school last summer to visit his former kindergarten teacher, Diane Marcoux-LaClair, and to say goodbye. Parker, now 21, was headed off to war in Afghanistan. He was deployed that June.

"And I just looked at his face for a minute, just so I could remember that face," Marcoux-LaClair said. "It was really hard to say goodbye to him. I hugged him and I said, 'Andrew, just be careful. Come back to us safe. Just come back to us safe.'"

But when a bomb hit Parker's vehicle around Thanksgiving 2008, he was left paralyzed. His family was devastated and unsure how to turn their hilltop home into a disabled-accessible place.

Marcoux-LaClair thought she might be able to lend a hand. She brought some baskets fashioned from pictures of Parker to a town meeting and asked for whatever donations people could spare.

The result was incredible. She raised $2,000 at that meeting alone and, subsequently, hundreds more.

Don't use this pay-pal service I use and trust pay pal but this service link has not ever run correctly and it was implemented only on behalf of the expansion of Crimes Against Children we have never accepted a dollar for any of the papers or E-Ministry  

Serenity Unveiled is a division of Better Tomorrows

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Better Tomorrows

Serenity Prayer:
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Serenity Prayer  /\
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St. Francis Prayer:
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St. Francis Prayer /\
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Hope you like these common "Prayers," I know they have made huge changes in my life as helped me to keep God focused. This site, These are just sections from papers over the years, I have been doing this since 1985 when I was the Spiritual Advisor for a center and the development director for another over the years. I learned that recovery can take on a great number of faces for different people. Although, one thing I have always believed is Faith Based Recovery has an indwelling success rate unlike any other form. However, I talk to people all over the world and meet people who's belief system in not as mine, we do not judge people, we do not categorize people in little groups, what is important is your recovery regardless of your sex, religion, or national origin. Sure it would be nice to know that everyone was in a personal relationship with The God our Savior Creator and Salvation, this site is meant to help you establish, (If you have not done so already), and or keep a strong recovery life daily. A tool. I have been greatly blessed, in that, God has opened doors in other countries around the world for us. Many of you know already, for those that do not, I have a disc & Nerve disease, it is real hard for me just to be able to do what normal people do everyday, I say this to say that, it may take me some time but I usually get around to getting things done. I do write for more than one on-line site, if you don't see activity here does not mean that I will not get around to posting papers, there are time when I get stuck in bed for periods.
This site is meant for you... You matter, don't let anyone ever lead you to believe differently. God made you unlike anyone else, even though we kind-of look similar to others, there are very many great things about us God made just for us / in us.. Remember that! And Live accordingly. :) :)