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Serenity Unveiled

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Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

"Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord."
(Lamentations 3:40)  

This begins the theme of the next four steps: seeking relief from the things in our character that sabotage our lives and keep us from being free of the bondage of self. We honestly evaluate ourselves, develop the humility necessary to admit our faults, and seek freedom from those faults and defects of character.

Many people in recovery will tell you that this is the step that really changed how they lived their lives. They faced, with honesty and integrity, their own characters. They did not hide behind excuses or reasons for behavior--they simply opened their hearts and minds and listed how THEY acted, how THEY treated others, and how they treated themselves.

Many spiritual traditions include some form of "confession" or admission of sins. The idea behind these traditions is that the person faces his or her character in the hopes of improving it.

"It suddenly occurred to me that while I'd beaten myself up a lot over the years, I'd always blamed someone else for my problems, or just felt sorry for myself. I don't think I had ever honestly looked at my part in my problems until I made these steps a part of my daily life." Melissa W.

Honesty is the essential element of this Step. When we are honest with ourselves, with our personality flaws, our moral fiber, our depraved standards, and all the negative aspects of our recovery, we gain the capacity for positive change to transpire. An ever-abundant amount of opportunities for positive alteration, growth, and development awaits us as we are honest about our powerlessness, our addictive behaviors, and our disease of addiction or alcoholism. By being straightforward, we are equipped to make the most of all the other Spiritual Principles of the program that include: Acceptance, hope, commitment, faith, courage, willingness, meekness, unconditional love, firmness, open-mindedness, alertness, strength of mind, sharing and caring, and, of course, honesty, which is the Ultimate Spiritual Principle in which all the others derive from. Remember, before commencing Step 4, that changing is a course of action that starts with the mind, then enters the soul, and comes forth through our decisions. We are the architects of our destiny, and by living one day at a time we gain familiarity, might, and anticipation to face life on life's stipulations, to accept the things we cannot change, and the nerve to confront the ultimate actuality of existence.

Remember we are always here you can call upon us any time....

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Serenity Prayer:
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Hope you like these common "Prayers," I know they have made huge changes in my life as helped me to keep God focused. This site, These are just sections from papers over the years, I have been doing this since 1985 when I was the Spiritual Advisor for a center and the development director for another over the years. I learned that recovery can take on a great number of faces for different people. Although, one thing I have always believed is Faith Based Recovery has an indwelling success rate unlike any other form. However, I talk to people all over the world and meet people who's belief system in not as mine, we do not judge people, we do not categorize people in little groups, what is important is your recovery regardless of your sex, religion, or national origin. Sure it would be nice to know that everyone was in a personal relationship with The God our Savior Creator and Salvation, this site is meant to help you establish, (If you have not done so already), and or keep a strong recovery life daily. A tool. I have been greatly blessed, in that, God has opened doors in other countries around the world for us. Many of you know already, for those that do not, I have a disc & Nerve disease, it is real hard for me just to be able to do what normal people do everyday, I say this to say that, it may take me some time but I usually get around to getting things done. I do write for more than one on-line site, if you don't see activity here does not mean that I will not get around to posting papers, there are time when I get stuck in bed for periods.
This site is meant for you... You matter, don't let anyone ever lead you to believe differently. God made you unlike anyone else, even though we kind-of look similar to others, there are very many great things about us God made just for us / in us.. Remember that! And Live accordingly. :) :)